miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

Fiesta time!

September was the month of fiestas.  Guatemala celebrated its independence day, and the country bled blue and white.  School came second to party preparations, dance practice, parades, bursts of pride "Viva Guatemala!" and listening to the 7 minute long national anthem ringing through the air.  I absolutely love watching people when they are passionate about something, and this whole month I have gotten to soak up and basque in the joy of seeing bone-deep passion.  Students competed in gymnastics and dance competitions, celebrated their heritage through indigenous dance, and recited patriotic poetry. 

To finish off the month of celebration, today - October 1st - was Dia Del Niño!  I think they are on to something here.  A day dedicated to the soul purpose of celebrating the heck out of kiddos?  I definitely want that in my childhood. When I told my dad about this brilliant day, he said, "That's basically what life is.  Birthdays and Easter and Christmas and the Tooth Fairy. .. it's always about the kids!"  Point taken.  But, as someone who has still yet to grow up, I vote for more party days! 
Today was totally loco, and full of laughter.  Kids were running and screaming everywhere, hyped up on sugar and ice cream and toys.  We all dressed up as mini mouse, and played and danced like fun was going out of style.  It's back to a heavy load of work tomorrow.  I already miss the month of crazy nonsensical partying.  Maybe I'll just keep my mini mouse ears on while I work. . . .
 Puro Guatemalteco
I got my gymnastics on during the teacher performance

Kindergarten gymnasts
 Kids waiting their turn during a dance competition

Our roof cat, Luna Lovegood, birthed kittens!  That was definitely a party to watch. 

 Dia Del Niño!

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